Immigration Visa

The Immigration Visa Treaty Investor Visa With Techy

The E2 Treaty Investor Visa allows individuals and their immediate families, who have available investment funds, to enter the U.S. to establish a business.

This visa boasts an impressive approval rate exceeding 80%, making it one of the most successful visa types in the U.S. A key benefit of the E2 visa is its potential for indefinite renewal, provided the business remains operational.

How can Techy assist you with your immigration visa process?

  • Collaborate closely with your immigration lawyer to facilitate your E2 visa acquisition.
  • Connect with partner immigration law firms if you lack legal representation.
  • Provide extensive experience in guiding potential franchise owners through the investor visa process.
  • Offer insights into integrating into a robust franchise system.
  • Successfully aided over 30 franchisees in securing their E2 visas to date.