A Techy Franchise
inside Walmart

Techy an International Franchise with many stores located inside retail giant Walmart.

Why Choose a Techy Franchise Inside Walmart?

Owning a franchise is a significant step towards entrepreneurial success, but choosing to establish your Techy franchise inside a Walmart superstore takes that success to an entirely new level. Here’s why:

1. Unmatched Foot Traffic

Instant Audience: Walmart is one of the world’s largest retail chains, attracting millions of shoppers daily. Your Techy franchise will benefit from this vast and diverse customer base, ensuring a steady stream of potential clients from day one.

2. Brand Association

Trust & Credibility: Aligning your Techy franchise with a globally recognized brand like Walmart instantly boosts your credibility. Customers are more likely to trust and patronize businesses associated with established brands.

3. Cost-Effective Operations

Shared Amenities: Operating inside Walmart means you can leverage the store’s amenities, from parking to security, leading to reduced operational costs


4. Strategic Location

Prime Real Estate: Walmart stores are strategically located in high-traffic areas, ensuring maximum visibility and accessibility for your Techy franchise.

5. Collaborative Marketing Opportunities

Joint Promotions: Benefit from Walmart’s marketing and promotional activities. Collaborative events, sales, and promotions can drive even more customers to your Techy store.

6. Diverse Customer Base

Broad Appeal: Walmart caters to a wide demographic, from tech enthusiasts to everyday shoppers. This diversity ensures a broader market for Techy’s range of services and products.

7. Seamless Integration

Hassle-Free Setup: Walmart’s infrastructure is designed to accommodate and support in-store franchises, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free setup process for your Techy store.

8. Competitive Advantage

Stand Out: While the competition struggles for visibility in crowded marketplaces, your Techy franchise inside Walmart already has a competitive edge, thanks to its prime location.

9. Affordable Rent. This also includes utilities and wifi internet.


Techy Empowering Technology Entrepreneurs

Join the revolution in the $300B technology industry.

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Every store package includes location buildout, setup, fixtures & furniture, merchandising, and starter
signage. We also provide training and franchisee support

Techy Max Package


  • $30K In Parts & Mobile Device Inventory
  • $20K In Extra Display For Additional Product
Techy Cafe Package


  • $30K In Parts & Mobile Device Inventory
  • $50K In Coffee Equipment & Furniture With An Espresso Machine, Refrigerator, And More.
  • $20K In Extra Displays For Additional Inventory

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